Sunday, January 11, 2015

Connect Rent A Car

Selling car online is one way to get the best selling price and the car is one of the key preparations.

1. Car documents. Make sure you have all the letters and sorted with a good car to convince a buyer and avoid delays and disputes.
2.Prepare your car. Check all the car details like the lights function properly,all the buttons, and air conditioning, as well as clean the interior and exterior to make it look shinny.

3. Meet the prospective buyers directly. Its is very important and you can try to arrange a meeting in a safe such as near a police station or at a place that has a CCTV. additonal, do not let the prospective buyers to test drive your car alone.

4.Payment. avoid accepting payment by check. Recieve large amounts of cash is not good but is in bank. Electronic funds is the best payment method to make sure the origin of the money has been entered into your accountbefore haning the car.

5.Honest. It is important to disclose the actual disclose the actual condition of the car including service history and accident ever experienced.

6. selling at the right price. check the classified ads on the internet the other car to adjust the price of your car.

7.Post ads. Mention the brand, model,year and extra details or additional conditonas that exist in your car. This can help potential buyers it with other car ads and make an informed choice. In addition, the photos are very important for your ad, take photographs of the interior and exterior the car with a different angle.

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